Kansas Water Use Reporting System

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Annual water use can be reported online to comply with the water use reporting requirements of the Kansas Water Appropriation Act. Owners of water rights in Kansas must report the previous years' use for all beneficial uses, except domestic use, by March 1 of each year. Filing a complete and accurate report will help protect your water right.

Failure to file a water use report by March 1, or filing an incomplete report, subjects the owner(s) to a civil penalty of $250 per file number. Failure to file a water use report by June 1 subjects the owner(s) to a civil penalty of $1,000 per file number and could result in a suspension of all water use until the report has been submitted. See K.S.A. 82a-732.

As of October 2018, a filing fee of $20 per file number must accompany a mailed water use report.
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The Water Appropriation Program of the Division of Water Resources encourages you to use the online reporting system. Learn more about the Water Appropriation Program .

If you have a problem using the system, or you are a new owner and you don't have your ending meter reading from last year, please call the Water Use Unit at 785-564-6638.

To report a change in water use correspondent, ownership, or mailing address, please login with the PIN and Person ID sent to you and follow the onscreen instructions.

For general questions, contact your local field office:
Topeka: 785-296-5733   Garden City: 620-276-2901   Stockton: 785-425-6787   Stafford: 620-234-5311